All about the skin

This tutorial is all about the skin . 

It will teach you how to fix all coming problems . 

How to do hight quality skin editing . How to deal with color and texture problems . 

All you need to know about high quality retouching. It includes my actions and 2 backdrops you can use for practice and your customers. 

I also make a composite  with one of the retouched pictures and show you how to blend and match colors .

The tutorial will show you how exactly the actions are done and how to get the best of it . 

After I made the tutorial I added a few extra actions to the set . 

You can use the actions not only on skin . 

They also will blend your composites together if you play the final and the color actions over the composite . 

Please make sure to also watch the free tutorials I will be adding on the use of the actions.