Donut Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to work on color correcting  skin tone . How to smooth skin . How to deal with bay redness . You will also learn how I move the baby with her blanket even the blanket don’t mach the blanket of the background and I will also show you how to move her without blanket and do the shadows. You will also learn 3 different ways to do shadows and how to color correct the shadow if you need it. I also work on the puppet warp on this tutorial a little bit to show you how to use it .I show how I blend the baby with the backdrop if the colors don’t match. You will see how I put accessory on baby shape them and how I do the shadows.

You will get all the materials I work with 

You will get the picture of the baby the digital background and the hat 

Also I will give you the PSD file I worked on when I made the video so you can see and learn better.

I include 2 actions for photoshop CC for skin smoothing and the biggest problem with baby skin I usually have - baby skin redness . Just play the action and paint over baby skin . 

This  tutorial is what you need to do great baby composites .I am showing it on a baby but this is how it is done on any composites not just baby 

 This is what I do and if you like my job and you want your composites to look like mine this is what you need

IMPORTANT: The photo of the babies are provided here is to be used for this tutorial only!