Fairytale Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how I do fairytale looking pictures. 

1-I will show you how to use smudge tool. 

2-How to burn and dodge. 

3-A little bit of compositing . 

4-How to add textures to bring it all together . 

This will make your pictures stand out and bring much more business to you . It is not
difficult to do but brings so much value to your work. I am giving you all the materials I used in the tutorial. You can use the background and the rest of the materials for your creations . The picture of the girl can not be used for anything else but exercise of this tutorial.You can not post her or use to advertise .

Feel free to use the backdrop with your model. 
Feel free to add more blurs and textures and elements to make it your own . I would love to see what you can create using this method. I also included the PSD file I saved in the end of the tutorial. It is not perfect but as I said 300 times IT IS A TUTORIAL and I did not want to spend to much time perfecting it . You will find all the materials in the folder with the same name . Please do not sell, share or give way .You can use for your customers and yourself if you give a digital file to your customers it has to be flat not on layers You can change it and make your own and you don’t need to give me credit for it. 

Join my group on Facebook and post and ask for CC if you wish . We will gladly help